Are you always learning? I’ve never stopped learning. I look at every challenge I face in life as an opportunity to learn and to grow. Challenges may be frustrating but they are instructive, even failures are instructive.

When I pick up a book, especially non-fiction, I’m learning, exploring the subject the author is writing about and learning what perspective that author brings to the subject. Same when I read a blog or news article. There is always something to learn. It is rare that my tablet is far from my hand and even rarer that I don’t have something to read.

I love to read. Video doesn’t hold my attention like it does some. My mind wanders and wants to see what is waiting to be read and then I’m dividing my attention. Sometimes video will hold my attention, when the subject is more visual than word friendly. For me, though, reading is my window on the world.

I love when I come across lists of books that people who have similar interests to me have read and recommend. It gives me ideas on what books to explore myself. So, today I have a list I’m going to share with you. It is not my list, it can be found at SatoriPrime.

Have a look at the list and let me know in the comments if you have read any of the books on the list and what you thought of it.